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Fleet GPS tracking units track 24/7 and shows routes, stop/starts, ignition on/off, speed reports, and much more. Our fleet GPS tracking system offers detailed history reports and phone apps. $265 includes the first year of service. There are NO monthly fees and NO contracts. After the first year if you decide to renew, the cost is only $99 per year.

Our mission was to make fleet GPS tracking systems affordable to everyone with all the features you want. We never charge any hidden fees. Once you purchase you will receive a username and password via email and your order should arrive in 2 business days. Shipping is free!

We offer the fleet tracker in two different models: Hardwired or OBD GPS tracker. The device can be hardwired underneath the dashboard. It's a simple three-wired hookup. We recommend the hardwired gps device especially if you don't want it to be noticed or removed. The OBD GPS tracking model plugs easily into the OBD port under the steering wheel. This is helpful if you need to constantly change which vehicle you're tracking.

Let's discuss your GPS tracking needs. Call our helpful team at 800-578-1809
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